URGENT Call for participation in Prague

Project name: Culture Actuallaly
Project duration: 21.7.2011 to 30.7.2011
Project location: Prague, Czech Republic
Costs: travel – 70% of travel costs second class traveling not
more than 140 EUR per person, accommodation and food – 100% covered by the project

The Project:
Main themes of our project will be *economics, culture, social development and volunteering* *in the whole system*. The idea on which we built the project on is that artistic expression is one of the most important tools of self reflection not only for interested individuals but also for society as a whole develops creative thinking which is highly appreciated in all spheres of life is able to become a significant source of income for a local community

The project objective is to point out to young people the importance of culture and arts in economic and social development. To encourage them to participate actively in cultural life within their community.

The Participants: 5 participants

For more details please, contact: Jaroslava Tomanova, jaroslava.tomanova@artsmanagement.cz


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