Young Reporters Against Poverty

Young Reporters Against Poverty (YRAP) is a competition for European college and university students passionate about journalism and development. Launched on September 20 2010, the contest called on students in journalism, communication, development, and political science to send in an article or radio broadcast on the European Union (EU) and external development aid. After the deadline on November 7, 33 finalists from 26 EU Member States were selected to attend and cover the European Development Days (EDD) in Brussels, Belgium, December 6-7 2010. An interactive, multimedia web platform serves as a space for sharing the finalists‘ work.

Communication Strategies:

This awards-based initiative uses both technology and face-to-face interactions to build the capacity of aspiring journalists. The 33 finalists will receive hands-on training to assist them in their live reporting of the EDD event. As part of the 4-day workshop, the students will report live from the EDD on the YRAP website by uploading articles, radio reports, videos, photos, and Twitter updates throughout the event. (This website also features profiles of the 33 finalists and their posts, as well as links and other information). Interviews with development experts, reports from the Development Village, and features from the different conferences at the EDD will also be included in the reports.

After the EDD, the finalists will have one week to perfect their best article/broadcast, to be presented to a jury of journalists and journalism teachers from the EU Member States. Based on the quality and originality of the media items produced, participants will have the opportunity to win an award at the end of the competition in the following categories: Best Written Reportage(s), Best Radio Reportage(s) and Most Original News Reporting(s), selected by a jury composed of journalists and journalism teachers from the EU Member States. The 3 overall winners will receive a press trip to one of the EU Delegations in Africa. The final winners will be announced at the end of January 2011.

The European Journalism Centre, with financial support from the European Commission’s EuropeAid Co-operation Office. More informations:


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